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May 20, 2024

Where’s the Running in Raleighwood?

The days of overcast skies and chilly weather are behind us, at least for now. As the daylight stretches longer and the nights grow warmer,…

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Mar 24, 2024

The Hay is in the Barn

Now, let’s set it ablaze From Eric’s Training Journal: One week out from The Speed Project (TSP). This is the time when my…

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Mar 2, 2024

48th Hour of 4x4x48

The 48th hour of the 4x4x48 felt like a great piece of classical music. The drums begin to beat louder as the string section builds…

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Mar 2, 2024

36th Hour of 4x4x48

We’re reaching the final stretch, entering the 36th hour. Through the night, the crew hit an all-time low. The 10 pm to 6 am stretch…

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Mar 2, 2024

24th Hour of 4x4x48

Time has slowed for the 4x4x48 crew in the 24th hour. Each hour seems to be going slower, and we’re moving backward in time. The…

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Mar 1, 2024

12th Hour of 4x4x48

The first 12 hours of the 4x4x48 has been as I would’ve expected. High energy, excited individuals, and easy miles. Much of the time has…

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Feb 14, 2024

Best Track Spikes

What are track spikes? Which track spikes are best? What distances should I race in them? Here’s an article to help make track spikes…

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Jan 18, 2024

New to Running? We’ve Got You Covered.

A couple of years ago, I’d have never labeled myself a runner.  I’d get out there a few times a week and go through cycles…

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Dec 30, 2023

Best Places to Run in Raleigh

Raleigh is one of the best running cities in the country, yet one of the least talked about. A large part of that is because…

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Sep 17, 2023

Too Many Units, Not Enough Miles

By Blakely Warren It’s 3:00AM and my Dexcom is BLARING. I’m soaking wet, I’m hot, I’m freezing, and my dreams are wild. My husband…

It’s getting a little hot in here isn’t it. With the temperatures rising and humidity suffocating, we’re beginning to break a real sweat here. We…

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Jun 30, 2023

Queering the Run

My name is Molly, but most of my friends call me Marco. I am queer, gender-expansive dancer, and a member of the Raleigh running community.