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24th Hour of 4x4x48

Time has slowed for the 4x4x48 crew in the 24th hour. Each hour seems to be going slower, and we’re moving backward in time. The time between each run feels longer which is good for the legs but bad for the weary mind. Alas, we’ve begun to lean on each other for support. 24 hours into the challenge and it seems that we’re discovering more and more about ourselves.

I spent some time trying to talk to Eric to see where he was at, but he seemed a bit dazed. I’m not surprised as he’s been awake now for 36 hours straight. When I’m speaking to him, I’m hoping to keep his mind active and thus awake. But with each long pause, I can feel it getting more and more difficult. He’s beginning to crave the nap he’s planned after the 10 p.m. run. I can’t blame him.

Aside from Eric’s struggle against the sandman, energy plateaued. Everyone’s locked in on what they have to do for the next four-mile run. Whether that’s eating an Uncrustable or slamming a bottle of water. It seems that everyone dialed into their routines for these runs as we crest the 24th hour of running.

Matt Smiling in the 4x4x48. Definitely not the 24th hour
It’s Matt’s birthday too. Photo by Justin Hall.

All the while members of the community have come by and lifted the spirits of everyone. Matt has been an ever-present as he tries to run a mile for each year he’s been alive. He’s been a loved sight walking into the front doors. At the same time a steady stream of a variety of runners come into the shop with a sense of community; excited to be a part of the 4x4x48.

I’m not sure how it’ll shake out as we enter the second night. I still have faith the crew will rally.