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36th Hour of 4x4x48

We’re reaching the final stretch, entering the 36th hour. Through the night, the crew hit an all-time low. The 10 pm to 6 am stretch was hard for everyone to stay awake as many fell asleep (me). We watched a movie, ate food, and tried to rest as much as we could in the four hours available. The push-up challenge has been the main event with the running making up the undercard.

The Push-Up Challenge made up by Eric himself is one to test someone’s strength. The challenge is simple: In between each 4-mile run, you have to do 200 push-ups. This totals up to somewhere around 2,600 push-ups in 48 hours.

Towards the end of the event, the push-ups made up the hardest part of the challenge. Arms and chest are tiring entering the 36th hour, not to mention the legs from the run. Soon Each push-up set becomes a labor with people dropping out as the challenge continues. I only made it to 400 push-ups. All things considered, I’m impressed I made it that far. Eric and David are nearing the 2,000 push-up mark, but you can tell their arms are getting sore. Through the night the push-ups kept people awake and active enough to fend off sleep.

All in all the runners are enjoying themselves. The mutual suffering reached its peak which undoubtedly forged bonds. The movie Napoleon starring Joaquin Phoenix filled the time between 6 pm to 10 pm. The history lesson packed enough action and intrigue to keep the crew awake. Perhaps we even learned a few things about the French from it.

David undoubtedly fighting sleep. Photo by Joshua Dwight.

The 2 am run was brutal. Morale and energy were at an all-time low after the nap. Alas, the runners persisted and we made it. At least so far.