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Shoe Fittings

At Runologie, we pride ourselves with knowing the specifics of brands, models, and runners. We deliver the most comprehensive gait analysis in Raleigh.

Shoe fitting with Alex

Here are some things that can help us fit you for the right shoe:

  • Personal history of running
  • Past or present injuries we should be aware of
  • Past shoes that worked or didn’t work (bringing in old shoes is always helpful)
  • Your short term and long term running goals
Shoe purchase at Runologie

What to expect

  • We will bring out various brands in the recommended category of shoes
  • Our team will help you work through the options and talk about what makes each shoe different so you can make an informed decision
  • We’ll encourage you to try running in your future running shoes, either outside on the sidewalk, on Automotive Way, or in our back parking lot
  • We guide you to the shoe that will keep you coming back for more and infuse some fun into your run!