Runologie Track Club

With roots in Raleigh, North Carolina, Runologie Track Club puts the community first adding members one mile at a time.

Benefits of Being an RTC Member:

  • Custom Nike RTC performance top
  • 3 RTC lead runs & workouts each week
  • A detailed training plan, administered by USATF certified coaches including former US Champion at the outdoor 5k & Bowerman Track Club member Ryan Hill
  • 15% discount online and in-store at Runologie
  • First access at exclusive releases in the running industry 
  • Weekly track access with workouts to St. Augustine’s University’s track
  • Discounted entry to all Runologie races
  • First-access to free entry into unique RTC events, such as flash miles, pop-up track meets, and weird relay races
  • Discounts to many other NC races
  • Allotted time slots during the week to train at Brick Studio and get “express physical therapy” at Run Raleigh
  • Discounted rate on physical therapy at Run Raleigh
  • Race Team discounted rate on Strength Training for Runners at Brick Studio
  • Exclusive access to limited RTC merchandise


This is not your average track club. Runologie Track Club takes a holistic approach to the sport of running. Our club supports not only elite distance runners but Olympic-caliber sprinters, local runners, and a community of people running for the first time. Runologie Track Club pushes the sport forward for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Runologie Track Club?
    • Runologie Track Club is a community of runners of all paces and distances who work together to improve themselves and the community. Through local races and running events Runologie has been able to support organizations such as Healing Transitions, St. Augustine’s University Track and Field Program, and the LGBT Center of Raleigh amongst others. Runologie Track Club, with your help, is the next step in building and supporting a better running culture and community abroad.
  • Do I have to be fast to join?
    • Nope! Runologie Track Club is for every runner. Whether it’s your first 5k or your 500th marathon, we’re here to support you in any way we can. Seeing our community running and happy is our goal. Whatever the pace, we have people to run with and connect with at run clubs and track nights.
  • What type of distances do you run?
    • Whatever distance you’d like. We have people training for anything from 300-mile ultramarathons to people lacing up their shoes for their first run. We’re not just a distance group. We have sprinters training at the track every Tuesday. Track isn’t just a sport for distance runners so neither is Runologie Track Club.
  • Do you have scheduled practices?
    • Yes and no. We’ll provide you with workouts for the week to help get you to your best before your next race, but you can come to the track and do your own workouts.
  • What races do I get early access to?
    • You get early access to races such as the Mordecai Mile, An Ugly Sweater Mile, Battle on the Big Field, and whatever else we make up throughout the year.
  • What does the training look like?
    • The training is focused on longer distance races (10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, etc.). Each season will have a race that the training will gear you up for. For the fall, we’ll focus on training for the Raleigh Half Marathon. For the spring, we’ll focus on the Tobacco Road Half and Full Marathon. In the summer we’ll do some shorter faster work to get you ready to run some fast 5Ks (Run For Love or RTC 5K). That all being said, the workouts can be used to help you get in shape for other races you may have on your calendar: major marathons, local halfs and so on. We’re here to help you do your best so if you have any specific question don’t hesitate to ask or email Ethan at
  • What does the access to Brick and Run Raleigh entail?
    • Every Wednesday night we’ll have a club lift with a workout given to us by the experts over at Brick Studio. The workouts will be focused on building strength and keeping you healthy year round. We’ll also have a Run Raleigh PT on hand to answer questions about snags or little pains and work on some of those issues.
  • When does Runologie Track Club meet?
    • We have Track Nights at St. Augustine’s University’s George Williams Complex Track from 5 to 7:30 pm every Tuesday Night
    • We have Run Clubs from the shop every Thursday Night starting at 6 pm. There are drinks available afterward!
  • Am I required to run any races?
    • No! Run as many or as few races as you’d like. We’d love to see you at events whether you’re running or cheering on your fellow club members.
  • What’s the training going to be geared toward?
    • Our training is geared towards two peaks with local races in mind. The first being early summer, where locally we will be gearing up for the Run For Love 5k and the Runologie Track Club 5k. Then the Fall marathon season, where we will focus on training for City of Oaks and the Raleigh Half Marathon.
    • We’ll have plans geared towards 5k-10k and half-full marathon training plans. The plans will be adjustable based on the date of your race, so you can peak at the right time. That being said, our goal with training and coaching is for your long-term running. We want to help get you training consistently year-round for many years to come. We’re here to help you in the long term, not just for 10-12 week training blocks.
  • If I don’t live in Raleigh, can I still register?
    • Yes! We’ll send you the complimentary gear and the training via email. Whenever you race, just wear the singlet, share a picture from the race, and tag us on social media! We’d love to see where you’re racing.
Runologie track club members doing a book bag drive for local foster kids.

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