Nike Trail x All Conditions Gear Challenge

Get Lost

Runologie and Nike Trail x All Conditions Gear invite you to explore your community. Over the next few weeks, we will be dropping a pin to some of our favorite hidden gems so you guys can find them. For every challenge, participants will receive a custom ACG compass and will also be entered in for a chance to win some Nike ACG apparel or a pair of the Nike Zegama 2’s.

All you have to do is load the checkpoint into Strava maps (DESKTOP VERSION REQUIRED),  turn on the Heatmaps, and navigate your way to our hidden clue. Once you make it to our coordinate, take a picture at the checkpoint (check out each detail below) or post a selfie and tag us and you’ll receive the custom Nike ACG swag. 

ACG Challenge #1 Coordinate: Lat: 35.817875 Lng: -78.73718055555555

ACG Challenge #2 Coordinate: Lat: 35.9392222, Lng: -78.5984167

ACG Challenge #3 Coordinate: Lat: 35.844807, Lng: -78.767529

Do Your Research

Using the GPS coordinate and the nifty heatmap feature on Strava, you will be able to see how others have accessed the coordinate and what trails will be the quickest.

Find The Beacon

The coordinate will be marked by a custom recycled Nike Trail disc with an ACG sticker on it, attached to a bright orange bandana. We never said this was fancy, you in the woods.

Tag Us

Show us your adventure and be sure to tag @runologie when you get to the coordinate. This will allow us to reserve your ACG swag and share your story with our community.

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