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The Question

Why do you run? Seriously. Why lace up your shoes? Why pound the pavement or trail or whatever your preferred surface is? Why sweat till sometimes you can’t see, breath till you sometimes can’t talk? Why do it?

That’s why we created The Size Run. A place to ask those questions and document our journey on why we do what we do. This little space was created by Alex Warren and Brent Francese, two people who own a small running shop in downtown Raleigh. When we opened Runologie a lot of people asked us that same question: why? You see, small business is kind of like running a race. At first glance it seems crazy, but then you get into it and you start to learn things, you meet people, your business begins to change you and you change your business. Sound familiar?

The Size Run is going to be full of those kinds of stories. How running changes you and how running changes others too. Because let’s be honest, you probably started this running thing for a certain reason that only you can name, only to find out there were a whole new set of reasons that running wanted to show you too.

Welcome to The Size Run.