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Almost a year ago Runologie set down a path to create it’s own apparel line. It’s always been in our vision to make things. We love creating spaces where our community can gather and be active. But we also like creating tangible, well designed pieces that are apart of this unique space we call Runologie. The Boylan Short was born. It was a simple first start for us.

Every Thursday at 6PM people gather at our shop to run 2, 3, 4, 5 and sometime 6 miles at all paces and all levels. Every Thursday people head out towards Boylan Avenue, hang a left and run what we call the “Runologie Route” based on their distance of choice. And every Thursday people finish that run and hang out and drink a beer with their friends and neighbors right next door at State of Beer.

Usually hot and usually sweaty.

We wanted to create a line of apparel where you could do both: go for your run, look good doing it and hang out with your friends next door. Starting design and production and design and production and design and production (there was a lot of back and forth) with the help of Brian Morrell in Middlesex, North Carolina, we created 100 pair of Boylan Shorts in one color.

And we sold out.

In two weeks.

Laying out the fabric.

So we took feedback from our customers and the response was overwhelming.

“Is there another color?”

So in the last few months we’ve tweaked some small details and are introducing a new color as well as working on new designs for men’s and women’s tops and bottoms. We get our prototype design for our women’s short this week and the big push for the start of our women’s line begins. We couldn’t be more excited.

A documentation of the process will be here at The Size Run and be sure to sign up for the Runologie newsletter for a beat on new releases of product, special events and incentives.


Get a pair of Boylan Shorts (while supplies last).

The Size Run is curated by Alex Warren and Brent Francese, co-owner’s at Runologie.