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The following is written by Brent Francese. He is the co-owner at Runologie.

I’ve read about social media sabbaticals for awhile now. I feel like I am in desperate need of one. I think you know you may need one too. When I helped start Runologie 3 years ago I didn’t really think through the social media thing. Of course, I knew to be vitally relevant social media is a key component of business. I just didn’t know how vital. And so here I am ironically writing about social media so I don’t have to check social media.

I run most days for the solitude. Most days it’s literally the only time I have alone. I have 3 kids and run a business. When I leave work I get myself ready to enter a house of chaos. We plow through the chaos to get ready to…well…I think you may know, check social media. Business requires it. Engagement. Likes. Reposts. Comments. Likes on comments. If you don’t manage it it will consume you.

Sunday long runs on Raleigh’s greenway. A necessary reset.

In 2017 I had to fight my overwhelming desire to check social media in the mornings. I’d wake up, grab my phone (my alarm was on my phone) and see a slew of emails, text messages and notifications that had accrued from the time my head hit the pillow to the time my eyes opened again. I failed. I couldn’t do it. So for 2018 I decided to make at least one small incremental change to help with my problem.

Other than the obvious, (turn off notifications) I needed a change to the start of my day. I started using the alarm on my watch again and I placed my phone out of reach of my bed. Second I decided to not check my phone until my morning routine was complete. Wake up, feed the dog, start the coffee, make breakfast, make the kids breakfast, take a shower, read for 15 minutes. The results, though not drastic, were an improvement.

Like all struggles it’s still there. But a manageable one. Two months into 2018 and I’m committed to a year of no notifications, well, less of them anyways.

Less noise. More clarity.

I think we could all use that right now.

Notification problem? Let’s grow together. Share your tips for fighting your social media demons.